For over 33 years, our customers have been at the heart of what drives the Madison Golf Center to continue to improve, innovate, and serve our community. Your loyal business is what keeps us up and running, and that loyalty deserves a transparent flow of communication and reassurance that their concerns have been heard and addressed.

After each heavy rainfall over the last few years, the Madison Golf Center has been getting large amounts of mudwash onto our range field from the construction along our east boundary from the new construction east of our property. We understand that everyone has to deal with inconveniences associated with new construction, but due to timing and location, our business has been especially affected.

We have reported this to the City of Madison a number of times, and have even taken our complaints to the public agency created to help, ADEM (Alabama Department of Environmental Management) but they seem powerless to do anything. In addition to this, we have filed 6 official complaints in the last 7 months. Unfortunately, things today remain worse than ever.

Our team has chosen to take the step to publicly address this issue as we have received a handful of negative reviews due to dirty balls, insufficient grass tees, poor grass maintenance, and a general unkempt look of the facility due to foot traffic. Internally, we address these issues every day through various measures, several of which we have listed below for your ease of reference:

  • Mixing sand in the mud and leveling to allow the grass under the mud to grow.
  • Manually and frequently picking range balls, an action that has proved itself necessary over the last several months due to range balls getting plugged in the endless cycle of mud. (Unfortunately, this also leads to them being discolored permanently.)

Some additional context: We have lost over half our range balls in the last 4 months. Previously, our field was 100% covered in grass and these muddy conditions did not exist. We have linked a folder of some recent imagery, HERE, to add some color to the situation and illustrate the severity of the problem.

The team here at The Madison Golf Center plans to keep you up to date in the future. We greatly appreciate all our customers and pledge to you that we will do our best to make the facility the best that it can be.

Lastly, we have created a link HERE, so that our wonderful community can continue to offer feedback and any thoughts and opinions on how to address this continuing problem – we look forward to keeping this dialogue open!


Your MGC Family