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Drew Harris

Drew Harris grew up in Hartselle, AL and started playing golf at the age of 5. When he turned 7 his dad gave him the instructional book: Ben Hogan's Five Lessons. Trying to adhere to the knowledge of the "best ball striker of all time", he slowly learned how to dig his game "out of the dirt. He played junior golf and all four years of Varsity golf before graduating from Hartselle High School in 1999. After high school, Drew enrolled at Mississippi State University studying Mechanical Engineering. During the two semesters in the Engineering school, Drew started helping a few of the Professional Golf Management students with their swings. Realizing his true passion was in teaching golf, Drew enrolled in the PGM Program at MSU. From 2000 - 2004 he went through the PGA - Professional Golf Management Program, did three internships at The Golf Club of Tennessee in Nashville, TN, Teton Pines Country Club in Jackson Hole WY, and Bay Point Golf Resort in Panama City Beach FL. Since his time at Mississippi State, Drew has taught at Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail - Oxmoor Valley in Birmingham and Quail Creek Golf Resort in Hartselle, AL. Today he continues to bring his love for the game to each and every lesson. Whether you're a beginner or an aspiring tour pro, Drew will tailor his 29 years of golf knowledge to suit your game.

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  • 60 minutes - $70.00 (Pkg of 4 for $240.00)


  • 60 minutes - $55.00 (Pkg of 4 for $200.00)


  • Nine (9) Holes $150.00
  • Eighteen (18) Holes $250.00


There are 3 main types of playing lessons. All the playing lessons are the same price, but the student can determine which type of playing lesson they would like to receive.

  1. 2 PLAYER. Both student and teacher play together. The student can benefit by watching how the teacher plays and the shot selection. The teacher also gives instruction as needed.
  2. 1 PLAYER. Student plays while the teacher focuses on the player and his/her technique.
  3. 1 PLAYER SITUATIONAL. The teacher creates shots and situations over the course of the round. The teacher will test to see how the student handles awkward lies, bunker shots, and rules scenarios.

INTERNET LESSONS: Available upon request


  • Two (2) students -- 60 minutes $40/each
  • Three (3) students -- 60 minutes $35/each
  • Four (4) students -- 60 minutes $30/each
  • Inquire about larger groups or clinics


I view learning the golf swing like a puzzle. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of a good golf swing. In golf, the problem is most players don't have a clue which pieces are missing to fix their golf swings. I believe my job as a teacher is to not only show my students "HOW" to put their swings together, but to help them understand "WHY" each piece helps to complete the whole puzzle.